Jen Narragon ACC, Life Coach & Founder

Jen is a self professed "self-help" junkie.  After experiencing trauma from a young age, she had no idea how to make it in the world, always having felt like a misfit, operating from survival.  

When she was twenty, she was gifted a scholarship for a personal development workshop which was the catalyst that forever changed the trajectory of her life.  It was that workshop that fuels her passion behind every EPFY session, event, and workshop.  

It's connecting the women she serves to their highest self and creating a culture where women can understand that they do not have to identify with their crappy story and that there is something available to them other than victim-hood.

Jen is a master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and an ontological life coach.  

She currently serves on the board of directors as the corporate partner director for the National Association Of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Central Coast Chapter.


The Eat Pray F* You Style of Life Coaching

The current face of the personal development world shows that we're all here to cultivate joy and practice loving kindness, all while doing so in our Lululemons, and drinking green juice.

The reality is transformative work can be messy, confronting, and even at times dark.  Often, doing the inner work can be filled spent  moving through all states of being including  sadness, anger, joy, elation, depression, and anxiety.

  The EPFY transformative work is about moving stagnant energy to create a more harmonious relationship to ourselves and our relationship with our emotions.  

We humans  tend to get caught up in the storm of emotions in a culture where many of us  were not taught the tools or outlets to move through them healthily.      

Unless you're a monk, then you've likely had your fair share of days where you were riddled with anger, bitterness, anxiety, depression...the raw emotions that can leave you feeling ashamed and dissatisfied with life.

All of the states of being  are important and serve a valuable purpose.   

It's not like we were born with the users manual on how to experience each emotional state, most humans tend to struggle with "negative emotions."
It's often easier to keep a facade that keeps us  displaying a face of contentment and joy. 


EPFY, a star is born...


Eat Pray F* You was born as a way of naming the inner shadow, our inner critic that often self sabotages and keeps us operating at a low energetic vibration.  You know that voice we all have in our heads, on some days it's demeaning and can be loud, unruly, and self sabotaging?  That's what we call coming from survival or shadow, also known to some as ego.   

When let our shadow run the show and find ourselves operating from fear, anger or lack, we generally tend to be coming from survival and not tapped into our essential nature, or our higher self.    

Identifying and naming your shadow is a means to give her life in an effort to discern when she's showing up and to be able to choose whether we want to change our state of being and tap into our higher self. 

The practice of learning to  embrace her and recognizing we have another place to come from (our higher self) is powerful because like our shadow, she's always been with us and always will be as a mechanism for self preservation.  

Learning how to integrate her into our life and "make nice with her"  the key to emotional management.  

When we recognize our inner Eat Pray F* You is showing up it's typically because she has unmet needs or she's quite simply trying to keep us safe and alive.  Picture her as your inner child, born between the ages of one to seven years old through our early life experiences and cultural conditioning.  

Often as women, when we are operating from survival it's because our self-care is in breakdown and we have unmet needs that our shadow//inner child is throwing a temper tantrum to get met.

EPFY likes to keep us safe and in our comfort zone and sometimes operating from our comfort zone keeps us from a world of possibility.   Integrating your shadow helps you to begin shining your light in the world.    


Want To Meet Us In The Club?

We're always up to something in the gritty misfits club.  EPFY hoedowns and slumbers are always happening and we would love for you to join us.  If you're in the club, we'll keep you in the know when we're going to gather the girlfriends.