Couples Intensive

Strengthen, Reinvent, Reboot, & Renew Your Relationship

How will you sustain your relationship if you are not being supported to keep it alive?  Join us for a day of deep-diving into the creation of what your love life will look like in 2020.  Whether you're already on love-cloud-nine or ready to throw a wrench at your loves head, the couples intensive will be a sure-fire way to elevate your relationship and give it an invigorating breath of life.    

We'll cover:

  • How to more effectively communicate 
  • How to build a solid partnership
  • How to design the ideal year together
  • How to deepen intimacy
  • How to get on the same page despite the contention
  • Creating a win-win in the sack
  • How to bring back or strengthen  adventure

This workshop is for couples of every age, ability, and sexual orientation.  You'll walk away with a renewed sense of love, connection, trust, and vitality.  You'll also gain a new community of like-minded humans who are committed to making their relationship thrive.  

Join us for a day overlooking the tranquil waters of the Pacific Ocean where we'll provide experiential offerings and a nourishing lunch.  Space is limited in service of creating an intimate environment so register today to claim your spot.    

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Pricing for the Couples Intensive is $397 and includes all workshop materials, lunch, and a day that will transform your relationship in a massively profound once and for all way.  

Early Bird Pricing $297 until 3/1/2020!



Meet Your Facilitator

Meet Your Facilitator

Meet Your Facilitator

Meet your facilitator, Jen Narragon ACC.  Jen is a professionally certified life coach and has been in a thriving 20-year marriage and gives credit to the longevity and vitality of her marriage to the act of "surprising" her husband with a couple's intensive workshop in the early stages of their marriage which would allow them to set a solid foundation for clear communication, practices of love and respect, sexual wellness, and peaceful parenting.   


The Location

Meet Your Facilitator

Meet Your Facilitator

The ambiance is everything.  We strive to create a space that offers tranquility which allows our participants to feel a level of safety, comfort, and peace, the perfect environment to relax and settle into the work we will dive into.  We ensure our participants are always being sourced and provide all you'll need to have a seamless experience.