Eat Pray F* Being Broke, Make Money Magic

Are you tired of being broke, tired of living paycheck to paycheck, tired of racking up debt, tired of stressing over money, and never feeling like you can get ahead?  Are you ready for something different?  You're in the exact right spot where you're meant to be.  We've been there and we know what it's like.  

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Eat Pray F* Being Broke, Make Money Magic

Are you ready to change your relationship with money?  Do you find yourself operating from scarcity and lack, feeling like a broke-ass? No more worries, we've got you covered with this online six-week digital course that will have you reinventing your relationship with money.

Life was meant to be filled with adventures, experiences, friendships, and abundance that fills your soul.  We believe your finances shouldn't be the stop of having a kick-ass life.  We believe you should be free of worry when it comes to your finances so we created this course so you can spend more time with your friends having hoedowns and slumbers, living the dream.

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The Course

After you download your online course you'll immediately receive your course workbook and a welcome email.  For the next six weeks, you'll receive course lessons that coincide with the workbook.  You'll discover your purpose in life and see if you're in alignment and living it.  You'll receive resources and tools along the way that will have you viewing money in a whole new light.  The best part, you'll have the support of live weekly group coaching where you'll be supported within a community of rainmakers working through the money blocks that I've been keeping them stuck for far too long.

Mindset And The Magic Of Coaching

Life coaching includes a lot of work around mindset.  Throughout the course, we dive deeply into supporting you in shifting your scarcity mindset, looking for abundance is the key to building your money momentum.  You'll be added to our Money Magic Facebook community where you'll find extra support and comradery as you move through the six weeks of course material.  Support is key to making any sort of sustainable shifts in your life.  We'll meet weekly for optional group coaching sessions via ZOOM video conferencing.  Sessions for the February 2020 term will be Mondays at 12 pm PST Wednesdays at 12pm PST or Thursdays at 3 pm PST.  We record all sessions so if you miss anything, you'll have access to the Zoom recordings to watch at your convenience.

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 Click below to enroll in our six week Eat Pray F* Being Broke online digital course to begin making money magic now!