Girlfriends Anonymous


Not Your Mama's Self-help Community

Welcome to Girlfriends Anonymous, a community of women who through shared experience, strength, community, and connection are recovering from life without girlfriend culture.  This is a safe space for women in our community to gather, support one another and be supported.

Judgement Free Zone

Bring ALL of you when you gather for a GA meetup because just like your BFF, we're here to hold you up wherever you are in life and we'll provide sacred space where you can authentically show up and be embraced by a judgment-free community of badass women. 

Live Laugh Love

Our work isn't always going to be about the traumas and dramas in life, while we've certainly got space for the darkness and the light, we offer a balanced approach to servicing the women of the EPFY community, wherever you are in your life.  We aim to provide an environment where support comes in all areas and we'll cover stress management, health and well-being, trauma, anxiety, goal setting,  accountability, balance, mental health,  and everything else that comes along with being a wom-human.  Participants are encouraged to only share at their level of comfort, sometimes being a wallflower can still create a beautiful landscape for transformation. 

Re-framing The Labels

We look to every woman as being whole and complete just as she is, she's not broken and she has nothing to fix, she's simply someone to be cherished and loved exactly as she is.  We like to remove labels and stigmas and reframe what mainstream society deems as defective.  Transformation becomes possible through empowerment not shame and stigmatic labels.

GA the Nuts And Bolts

The GA meetups will be held online via zoom video conferencing until we figure out what in the world to do with ourselves amid the Covid pandemic.  The cost for the GA transformational  meetups is currently being offered at a sliding scale rate of $99 per month for membership (four sessions per month).  We want to make sure you can access the support so if your current financial situation will not allow for the purchase, please receive the sliding scale opportunity and pay what you can afford. 

We'll meet weekly via Zoom and have current openings on Monday's and  Wednesday's.  Sessions will be one hour long.        

Each week you'll be partnered with a woman for extra accountability and support.  Each session will incorporate ontological coaching, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis to support you in making massive changes in your life and business.  There's no better time than now to get supported and join a community of powerful women who are tapping into their badassery.  Your life is about to change as you know it, buckle up buttercup!  

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Space is limited, snag your seat while spots are open.


Peace, Love, And Salty Feet...

We're looking forward to gathering with you for soul-quenching connection.  You'll be in good company, kick off your shoes to gather and go inward.  We'll be breaking bread and building bonds while soaking up the vitamin sea.  *IN-PERSON EVENTS ON HOLD