The Hoedown


"A social gathering at which lively folk dancing takes place."

Alright so if we're being honest, we have music at our hoedowns and we gather, we have yet to incorporate the folk dancing just yet.

 We are not your mama's self-help group, we're not for the faint of heart.  If it's a "taboo" topic,  you bet we're going there when it comes to all things sex, love, life, and rock and roll.  Our hoedowns (heaven on earth, bringin' it on down) are layered and different from your everyday transformational event.  

Transformation can be fun dare we say?  EPFY Hoedowns consist of nourishing food, great company,  big breakthroughs, always at a beautiful location,  and we always like to celebrate our wins.  

We launched the Hoedown series in July of 2019 with our half-day workshop on your shadow and essential nature (ego//highest self) and we followed it with The Anxiety Party.   

Our aim is to shine a light on all facets of transformation, the dark side of it and the light.  Trans-formative work can be confronting and messy yet it's also where the freedom to live fully, authentically, and soulfully lies.  

Our philosophy as women is that we are quite simply, better together which is the reason we aim to bring back that girlfriend culture.

Next Hoedown is March 29th from 11 am to 5 pm at the Dolphin Bay Resort!

Discover what's possible for you when you take a leap of faith into yourself

March 29th, 2020 is the next hoedown at the Dolphin Bay Resort

What Our Participants Are Saying

 "Jenifer has an incredible ability to see deeply into what is getting in your way and to connect communities in a way that benefits everyone around her. Her skills are hard to explain, frankly, but do yourself a favor and simply connect with her or go to one of her kick-ass events and you'll find yourself smiling, crying and shifting in the direction of your dreams. If you're looking to create a deeper connection with yourself, remove blocks around money and prosperity, and create connections that are meaningful and mutually beneficial, you can't do better than Jen."

M. Cravets


 I attended Jenifer's newly launched series EPFY today and it was truly an event to remember. I wish I lived in San Luis Obispo so I could have one on one couching regularly because  from just 5 hours with her in a group setting I learned more about myself than hours upon hours I've spent with my therapist. She's the real deal and has a unique gift that brings out in you what needs to be revealed and an action plan to follow through. I felt heard and understood and left with a feeling of the transformation of what's to come. I highly recommend Jenifer's new Eat Pray F* You series to any woman who is willing to be open and honest and grow. I can only imagine what amazing things could be accomplished with direct one on one coaching! 

N. Heyman

The Hoedown

The Slumber


Slumber Party


"An overnight gathering especially of teenage girls usually at one of their homes."

Ok and to be honest once again, we are out of our teens but we are bringing back the culture of our youth, the overnight gatherings we're reinventing as slumber parties, girlfriend culture.  

The Seven Series & The Slumber

We've decided the world is ready for a few things to change, we need to begin coming together again as women, in person, away from our screens and actually be together to gather. 

In January 2020, we are launching the hoedown and the slumber.  It's a  series of seven deep dive hoedowns where we show up, put on our big girl boots to roll up our sleeves and do the inner work.  After the seven series, we are celebrating our graduation at  for our slumber party.  The EPFY version. 

We will jump on a party bus for the road trip to remember  and head to a swanky hotel in the mountains outside of Santa Barbara.  We'll spend the days lounging by the pool, sipping on cocktails and mocktails, sleeping in, laughing, bonding and being.  Just a weekend away for a fun girls trip. 


The Slumber

Beyond Bossing

Ready to get bossy and join us in October in San Diego for the Beyond Bossing Experience?   Click here to learn more!

The Seven Series and The Slumber

...Or do you want to wait until January to ring in the new year with us at the Seven Series and the Slumber?  Hey, why not join us for bothe