The Seven Series and The Slumber


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The Seven series and the slumber launches in January of 2020.  It's going to be a back to back series of hoedowns where we will be meeting on Sundays from 11am to 5pm for seven weeks of deep diving into transformational work.  The eighth week will conclude with a road trip to the slumber party.

Nuts And Bolts

We are currently nailing down the location but can tell you the seven series will take place in San Luis Obispo County.  The Slumber is going to begin with a road trip to a nearby destination city a couple of hours away max.  Because you are in the EPFY inner circle you're the first to know and we haven't started advertising yet.  We have fifteen spots open and are even offering a payment plan. 


Early Bird Pricing is $1499 and includes the events, food and beverages at all events and the transportation to the slumber party.  The slumber will be at a hotel and participants are responsible for food and lodging costs. We know this is an investment in yourself and we all have budgets, we've added a payment plan . We are all about that girlfriend culture so grab your soul sister to bring with you and enjoy an extra discount of $149 each.  If you opt in for the payment plan, the discount will apply to your first payment of $499 so secure spot early.  Enter code SOULSISTER and her name in the  notes section upon checkout. 


You can count on walking away from the eight week journey feeling a renewed sense of purpose in life.  You will have created a circle of your newest soul sisters.  The bond that you create with theese women in the seven series will be unlike any other.  You can expect to have boatloads of fun a long the way too.  Transformational work can be confronting and vulnerable, you will be surrounded by ladies who lift you up and quench your soul.


Each hoedown will be unique and filled with surprises.  We curate each experience  with intention in an effort to spotlight the importance of a nurturing, beautiful, and tranquil  environment suitable for transformation.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it so much?



We fully believe in the power of the work and how it will transform your life in a once and for all way.  Our costs to put on the event are factored in and we fully believe you will walk away feeling like you've just made the best investment in yourself.  We do have payment options which you can select upon check out. 

What if I can't make it to every event?


We ask that you sign up only if you can commit to scheduling the entire series.  We are open to a conversation if you already have an event that has been scheduled on one of the hoedown dates, more than one loss of attendance takes away from the ability to create soulful connections.  We are also human and understand that life happens, we ask that you attend all events and are willing to be flexible if something unexpected comes up.  The cost will not be altered for missed events.

Do you guarantee results?


We believe in the work so much so that yes, we guarantee your participation will be the catalyst for your growth.  We've never had an unhappy client or customer.  If you come to the series and are not feeling you're getting the support and experience you came for, we will work with you to create a win win.  Please note that any costs associated with your participation would be factored in.  We trust this will not be anything to worry about just plain "COA." (Covering our...)

Do you think I'll fit in with your participants?


Hell yes!  That's the most magical part of every EPFY event we've had is that age, demographics, race, etc. are all tossed out the window.  We welcome all women and we serve all women.  We love diversity and all of our events have been attended by a rainbow of women from every age, race, sexual orientation, religion, and belief system under the sun.

Proof is in the puddin'



 "I attended Jenifer's newly launched series EPFY today and it was truly an event to remember. I wish I lived in San Luis Obispo so I could have one on one couching regularly because  from just 5 hours with her in a group setting I learned more about myself than hours upon hours I've spent with my therapist. She's the real deal and has a unique gift that brings out in you what needs to be revealed and an action plan to follow through. I felt heard and understood and left with a feeling of the transformation of what's to come. I highly recommend Jenifer's new Eat Pray F* You series to any woman who is willing to be open and honest and grow. I can only imagine what amazing things could be accomplished with direct one on one coaching!" 

 "It is beyond words what this woman can do for you!  In working with Jen I have been able to change the way I look at myself, my relationships, my daily routines, self care and business.  After working with her I was able to establish a clear view of my business plan and everything just started to happen. My energy had shifted and business opportunity begin "knocking" on my door and looking for me. Simply put, Jen is a kind, graceful, calming soul with a Bad A$$ mind set, drive and ability to Empower you to achieving your goals (bigger than you know you have) in life, business & Money!" 

 "Jenifer has an incredible ability to see deeply into what is getting in your way and to connect communities in a way that benefits everyone around her. Her skills are hard to explain, frankly, but do yourself a favor and simply connect with her or go to one of her kick-ass events and you'll find yourself smiling, crying and shifting in the direction of your dreams. If you're looking to create a deeper connection with yourself, remove blocks around money and prosperity, and create connections that are meaningful and mutually beneficial, you can't do better than Jen." 

"EPFY hoedowns are a must.  The transformational work that Jen does is incredible, effective and fun.  I recommend all of these events to my girlfriends.  See you at the next hoedown!"

Want To Know More?

Still unsure if this is for you?  Let's book a call to connect.  Just click to leave us a note and will schedule a discovery chat to see if this hoedown and slumber is for you.