Dear human,

it’s your birthright to live a purposeful, prosperous, and fulfilled life.  If you believe this not to be true, why?  Who told you so?  What happened that made you believe otherwise?  It’s time to wake up to the reality of the universal law and shake the conditioning you’ve fallen prey to.  Life was meant to be amazing.  Yes, horrible things happen in the world and yet life was still meant to be meaningful and amazing.

If you find yourself struggling financially, emotionally, or otherwise please take note: life was meant to be amazing, do you want to have an amazing life?  If you’ve been struggling, today you get to choose something different, right now. #itisachoice

In the book “The Power Of Now” Eckhart Tolle speaks to the condition of human suffering which is caused by the constant pull of always living in the past or in the future.  He shares of the principal that true inner peace comes from living in the present, being in the now.

I have worked with clients for years now to create a life they love and the one consistent breakdown they experience is a constant focus on the future or the past, often losing sight of this one moment we have right in front of us: now.

It can seemingly be an elusive practice; creating a life you love while staying present because it is vital to create structure, framework and a vision for what  it is you wish to call in (more money, a partner, a new job, more travel and adventure, etc.) those are things we work towards, so we are in fact looking to the future—BUT, it is the balance of creating your future while staying present and not losing sight of the here and now.

We all experience hardships, loss, trauma, shame, guilt, and humanity that comes from those experiences when we use them to rise up and shine.  The reflection I have for you is that you can create anything you want.  Nothing makes you any different than the powerful, “successful,” people you admire—nothing makes you different from them other than your own beliefs about yourself.  You get to choose now if you are willing to begin taking the steps to reinvent your beliefs about what you to know is possible for yourself.  The moment you declare to the universe that you are ready to step into your greatness, when you’re ready to shine, ready to tap into YOUR POWER;  that is the moment you’ll begin to see the clouds part ways and your life will begin unfolding, awakening and you will tap into a consciousness you probably weren’t quite sure existed.

Photo Credit  @jakobowens1