What I wish you knew is that you are 100% capable of having a ridiculously great life.  I see so many women who are in survival mode on the brink of burnout.  The idea of slowing down just enough to figure out what they want in life is not even in their brain’s capacity because they’re just trying to come up for a breath of air.

When you know better though, you do better.  Here are the seven simple keys I use to have a kickass life:

  • Clarity is the key, what do you want to create in your life? If you had zero barriers and NO limitations, what would your life look like? Making the declaration to create it is the first step to having it all.
  • Trust that you can create anything.  We often dream of a lifestyle that is inconceivable, “I would love to travel the world and stay in beautiful resorts and never worry about how I will pay for it again.” What keeps most people stuck in the “how” and the first step is to trust yourself that you have the tools within you to create anything no matter how big or small.
  1. Allow for it to come into your life. This is where we let go of the how, trust in the idea that when we are connected to our purpose, we can create anything.  Reaching for your dreams is a process, we don’t always know how things will unfold but trusting they will all unfold in divine order is really important.
  2. Surrender to the process. Remember that we are human beings, not human doings.  This one may seem counter-intuitive but notice what happens when you let go of being busy, take on self-care and surrender to the unfolding of your dreams.  Some of my manifestations have taken longer than I intended but they always ended up being much bigger and better than I could’ve imagined. 
  3. An inspired action is key. When you are doing what you love to create the things you want in your life and you’re operating from inspired action, life  just works, creating the things you want feels exciting, inspiring, and effortless.  Omit the idea that you have to work hard and embrace the idea of working inspired instead.  Language is also key in-notice self-sabotage everywhere in your speaking especially.
  4. Self-care and well-being, movement, mantras, and meditation are what will get you into the vibration frequency of creation.  Women especially are the first to let their well-being go when they are in the thick of chasing big dreams.
  5. Visual displays are key, (vision board, displays on your refrigerator, bathroom mirrors, etc).  The clarity around what you want to create in your life is half of the equation, the other half is the psychology behind having the visual displays top of mind every single day. 
  6. Step into the feeling you have already created your SMART goals and make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely—and FUN).

These are the tools I have used in my own life and with clients to create trips, moves, financial abundance, fulfilling relationships, and job opportunities.  It works.  Sometimes the things I wanted took longer for me to create and other times I didn’t always manage to create them, ultimately the things I was not successful  in creating have been rooted in that old country song, “sometimes I thank god (the universe) for unanswered prayers.”

One of the most amazing experiences that speak to the idea of “surrender and allow” was my first vacation to Hawaii.  I was desperate to move there the moment I stepped off the plane.  I had never experienced “home” so strongly.  Due to the circumstances at the time, my husband and I were not able to swing such a move so big so I put that dream on the shelf, eventually forgetting I had it.

It wasn’t until ten years later that the universe “forced” us to move to Oahu because of many serendipitous factors.  I never (ten years earlier) could have imagined the way our Hawaii move would have turned out, it was much better than anything I could have conceived.

Let’s set aside some time to connect and identify what you would create in your life if you were fully connected to your purpose if you were to be fully supported to remove all limitations and barriers.