The art of manifestation starts with not knowing “the how” when you begin going after the things you want in life, it starts with a declaration and a commitment.  Ready: yes! Aim…errrr….. Fire…(no-how?!)  Going after big things in life can drive up fear, it’s super normal and actually, if it’s not driving up fear then it may not be worth going after.  When you start using the “Ready fire aim” logic, you’ll get better at creating what you want.  I’ll pose a question for you:  What do you want to create in your life right now?  My whole spiel in life is this: if there were zero limitations, nothing holding you back, what would you create?  Whatever your beliefs, there is a universal law that says you can have anything you want.

As I am writing this, I can’t help but think about the little girl born in a third world country with no rights and to her, I still say anything is possible that you want to create.  I think my Grandpa Pete is the perfect example of the “ready fire aim” logic.  He was born in Mexico, poor as Sh*%.  I remember stories about how he had eight siblings and there was no room in the house for him so he slept in the barn with the farm animals.  He made a decision at a very early age that he was leaving Mexico for a better life.  At just fourteen, he began the solo trip to America.  I don’t have all the details (I am definitely calling him today to find out) but I do know that by the time he reached the US he had one shoe, no money and when he arrived at his final destination, a little farming town called Firebaugh, CA. he found a watermelon patch and feasted until his belly was about to pop.

My grandfather eventually worked as a plumber which later led to construction jobs and he continued to work his way up.  A series of divine interventions eventually led to the acquisition of real estate and at his peak, my grandfather owned motels, a mobile home park, and multiple homes.  Growing up Mexican in an all-white town was hard for me but as I got older, I began to realize just how much I have to be proud of.  I guess you could say the art of manifestation has always been in my blood.  My grandpa had the fire in him, he knew he wanted something and went after it even when all odds were against him.  Today, he and my grandma are still living the good life in little old Firebaugh Ca.    If Grandpa Pete can create it, so can you.


Photo Credit @anielburka